Switched to a VPS, again

During the years, my blog hosting has gone back and forth between a self-configured VPS and shared hosting. Thanks to a special WordCamp Europe 2015 offer, for the past couple of years I’ve been on Siteground shared hosting, which has worked fine. I certainly have no complaints: the site has been fast, setup was easy… Continue reading Switched to a VPS, again

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Microsoft’s Role in WannaCry

Sam Biddle wrote for the Intercept on the recent WannaCry malware disaster. According to Sam, it’s not possible to name a single culprit for what happened, but militarism and greed are the two main forces at play here.  This bit stood out to me: Microsoft also did not create WannaCry. But it did create something something nearly as bad: Windows… Continue reading Microsoft’s Role in WannaCry

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Smart Keyboard and iPad Pro

So I went and bought a 9.7″ iPad Pro along with the Apple Smart Keyboard for my personal use (althought I’m pretty sure quite a few work emails will be written on this too). First impressions after a little use: the keyboard is the best iPad keyboard I’ve used. There are ones that are more… Continue reading Smart Keyboard and iPad Pro

Apple Watch

The Edition models make me wonder. Buy a $10,000 Rolex and it will still be a fine watch in 30 years time (if serviced regularly). A $10,000 Apple Watch won’t. 

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Switching to Android after 4.5 years of iOS

iPhone 4 with Nexus 4

After over four years of using an iPhone daily (first a 3G and then an iPhone 4), for the past month I’ve had the pleasure of using the Google-sanctioned LG Nexus 4 as my work phone. Trying to have a positive angle on things, I put together a short list of things I like about both OS’s.