Switching to Android after 4.5 years of iOS

iPhone 4 with Nexus 4

After over four years of using an iPhone daily (first a 3G and then an iPhone 4), for the past month I’ve had the pleasure of using the Google-sanctioned LG Nexus 4 as my work phone. Trying to have a positive angle on things, I put together a short list of things I like about both OS’s.

New “Privacy on” alert in WordPress 3.0

Sometimes it’s the little details that make you smile. When a new WP site is in development, you obviously don’t want it to be visible to search engines. A simple setting in the installation process (and the admin) allows you to choose this, but it can be easy to forget once you’ve set it. About… Continue reading New “Privacy on” alert in WordPress 3.0

Bad Google!

Can anyone suggest a good online feed reader and webmail which doesn’t begin with a G? Google Buzz created quite a stir from the start, with concerns over it’s privacy policy. The first time I logged in to see what all the buzz was about, I thought is was odd enough to see “followers” who… Continue reading Bad Google!

Finally! Search in Google Reader

At last Google (famous for search) added search capabilities to Google Reader. It’s about time! Now I don’t have to rely on starring items so much…

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