Essential Sublime Text Plugins for WordPress Development

Despite the recent Coda 2 update, I find myself doing almost all of my web coding in Sublime Text 2, an excellent and extensible editor for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Specifically for WordPress development, I’ve found at least three tools worth installing. (If you’re new to Sublime Text, I recommend installing the Sublime Package Control extension first).

  1. WordPress Package, based on the TextMate bundle. Provides useful autocompletions for functions and some snippets. This one is a huge time saver, and along with the ZenCoding Emmet plugin, couldn’t imagine going without it.
  2. Search WordPress Codex. Does what it says, especially useful for directly looking up a function definition.
  3. SublimePhpTidy, helps format PHP code to conform to WordPress Coding Standards.

Nettuts provides more great tips on using Sublime Text.

I’d be glad to hear of any other useful plugins/hints!

Screenshot of WordPress reference in Sublime Text 2


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the 3 you listed. I was hoping you could expand the post to include ALL the packages one needs to install if you are new to sublime text 2 and are trying to set it up for WordPress since your page was one of the first two that came up when i searched for that.

    I appreciate the help you provided! Keep on keeping on bro!



  2. Nick, the ones I’ve listed in this post are the only ones I currently have installed that relate in any way to WordPress. I’d like to hear of any others though!

  3. Thanks for the post! I’ve been using Sublime for months and didn’t discover Package Control until today. I’m really excited about seeing what these packages can do for my workflow.

    Just a heads up– it looks like development on Zen Coding has ended and moved to a new project called Emmet.

  4. It’s so damn hard to change over. Been using Dreamweaver since 1998, and even though it is almost completely useless now, just notepad with an extra thousands buttons i never use, I can’t seem to get into the grove with any other IDE.

    Like a comfortable ratty pair of smelly slippers I refuse to break in the new ones. I think my problem is that I work remotely so am missing the environment where people around me are using Sublime and busting my chops for Dreamweaver. lol.

  5. Hey there, just wanted to drop by and let everyone know I’ve made a plugin for Sublime Text 2 and 3 that allows you to edit posts, pages, custom post types, settings, and taxonomy terms for a WordPress site from within Sublime. You can also upload a media attachment and assign it as a featured image on a post or page.

    You can find out more here:

    I’m looking for feedback and comments on how it can be improved or how you can see yourself using it. Thanks! 😀

    1. Wow Nic, that looks really cool. Congratulations on the hard work! I’ll be sure to test it out and reference in this post. Can site settings be connected to Sublime projects? Say if I open a project, that would automatically select a specific site?


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