Today I’m traveling to the fourth WordCamp Europe, organised this year in Vienna. It will probably be the largest WordCamp, i.e. community-organized WordPress conference ever. My thoughts however are very much in Britain, where my relatives and millions of their countrymen and -women will be voting today on whether the UK should leave the EU… Continue reading Remain

A European WordCamp

Last night I got home at 3:00 from the first ever multi-nation WordCamp, WordCamp Europe 2013 in Leiden, The Netherlands. The weekend was packed with many inspiring talks, but above all it was a unique chance to meet other developers and designers from around Europe and the world. Based on discussions I had during the… Continue reading A European WordCamp

Trip to Denmark

The oldest state flag in the world, and they know it.

This Summer we made a trip to nearby Denmark. We spent a week in a cottage in Jylland by the North Sea, and a few days after that in beautiful sunny Copenhagen.