New Scientist goes independent

My main source of scientific news since childhood has gone independent. The future for the magazine looks bright I hope.

We are pleased to announce that New Scientist has been acquired by a company set up specifically to publish the magazine. This marks a return to independent ownership and operation for the first time in several decades.

I might even go back on my words in this tweet:

WP-CLI Tips From the Maintainer

On Tuesday, Daniel Bachhuber published a list of advanced tips on using WP-CLI. My favourites in his list are wp rewrite list --match=¬† (for debugging rewrite rules) and --prompt¬†(when you don’t remember the arguments). If you’re a WordPress developer and don’t know what WP-CLI¬†is, stop everything right now¬†and go to

Microsoft’s Role in WannaCry

Sam Biddle wrote¬†for the Intercept¬†on the recent WannaCry malware disaster. According to Sam,¬†it’s not possible to name¬†a¬†single culprit for what happened, but militarism and greed are the two main forces at play here. ¬†This bit stood out to me:

Microsoft also did not create WannaCry. But it did create something something nearly as bad: Windows Vista, an operating system so horrendously bloated, broken, and altogether unpleasant to use that many PC users back in 2007 skipped upgrading altogether, opting instead to stick with the outdated Windows XP, a decision that has left many people on that decade-and-a-half-old operating system even today, years after Microsoft stopped updating it.

I recommend reading the full original article here: