New Scientist goes independent

My main source of scientific news since childhood has gone independent. The future for the magazine looks bright I hope. We are pleased to announce that New Scientist has been acquired by a company set up specifically to publish the magazine. This marks a return to independent ownership and operation for the first time in […]

WP-CLI Tips From the Maintainer

On Tuesday, Daniel Bachhuber published a list of advanced tips on using WP-CLI. My favourites in his list are wp rewrite list –match=¬† (for debugging rewrite rules) and –prompt¬†(when you don’t remember the arguments). If you’re a WordPress developer and don’t know what WP-CLI¬†is, stop everything right now¬†and go to

Microsoft’s Role in WannaCry

Sam Biddle wrote¬†for the Intercept¬†on the recent WannaCry malware disaster. According to Sam,¬†it’s not possible to name¬†a¬†single culprit for what happened, but militarism and greed are the two main forces at play here. ¬†This bit stood out to me: Microsoft also did not create WannaCry. But it did create something something nearly as bad: Windows […]