End of An Era

Today I gave a talk on the EU Web Accessibility Directive at WordCamp Turku. The slides to my talk are on SlideShare, but a blog post summarising the talk will be up here next week. Today was also my last day at Zeeland Family.

I joined H1 in 2012 as the third employee. It was my first “real” web development job working for a company, after almost 4 years of working as a freelancer. In 2016 our small team was acquired by Zeeland Family, and overnight we gained over 130 new colleagues. During these years I’ve had the priviledge of working with extremely talented, smart people and all-round fun and lovable human beings. Thank you, you know who you are.

Now though it’s time to move on, meet new people, face new challenges and learn new things. 

23 responses to “End of An Era”

  1. Best wishes for you when moving onto the next chapter life brings your way!


  2. Toivottavasti tulevaisuus tuo mielenkiintoisia asioita ja haasteita tullessaan!


  3. End of an Era. Today was my last day at Zeeland Family. danielkoskinen.com/end-of-an-era/


  4. Oli mukava tutustua sinuun hieman paremmin viimeisen vuoden aikana. Menestystä uusiin tehtäviin.


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