Staying Connected, Working from Home

Working from home is great, especially when starting each day would otherwise mean a two-hour train journey to Helsinki. On the downside I sometimes feel disconnected from my colleagues, since I only see them in person about once or twice a month. Of course we have video conferences when there’s a matter we need to discuss, but the spontaneous questions and chats of the workplace are lost. So a couple of weeks ago I had a revelation: why not just leave the connection on? Using an iPad at home (which I don’t usually need during the work day) and a spare laptop at the company HQ, we established our little virtual window. It’s not in anyone’s face, so it’s more informal than having an actual video meeting, but allows us to ask questions and share knowledge (and bad jokes) throughout the work day as if we were all in the same room.

4 responses to “Staying Connected, Working from Home”

  1. Valerie Kalves Avatar
    Valerie Kalves

    Perfect solution!


  2. A clever idea! What app do you use in iPad/laptop?


  3. Daniel Koskinen Avatar
    Daniel Koskinen

    Ari: Facetime at first, but now just Skype, because the sound quality was better.

    If there’s a need for more than 2 locations, we’ll probably switch to Google Hangouts though.


  4. I love to work from home good and nice article. i use skype for client and working like a freelancer. good luck and sorry for my broken english


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