Using iStat to monitor remote servers

The iStat App from Bjango is one of the many cool reasons for having an iPhone. In addition to giving system stats of the device itself (not so interesting) it enables easy monitoring of remote servers. There’s a free server app for those with a Mac server they want to monitor, but most interestingly they have a command-line app for Linux and Solaris.

Setting it up requires some command-line tinkering, but to anyone familiar with configuring and compiling with configure and make this should be a breeze.

Once the server daemon is running, using iStat on the iPhone is really simple and easy. You set up a profile for each server and can access real-time data on uptime, load averages, cpu, pageins, pageouts, network & memory usage.

I’ve had two remote servers running iStat Server for a couple of weeks, and can only say it works like a charm! All I wish for is a similar Mac desktop app for remote servers – the iStat Pro Dashboard widget only shows info of the system it’s running on. Know of any?

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