Giving a talk on Personas

As an occasional balance to coding, I like teaching people stuff. In the last couple of years, I’ve given a few courses on web design, WordPress and various computer skills. Most of the courses have been in Tampereen Työväenopisto, a community education center for (mostly) adults.

In 2012 I gave a 5-day WordPress course in English for the TAMK School of Art and Media (part of TAMK University of Applied Sciences). The course materials are online here: http://wordpress.danielkoskinen.com

I sometimes enjoy giving talks on the aforementioned subjects, so send me a tweet or an email if that sounds like a good idea.

Previous work

Between 2004 and 2009 I worked as an assistant teacher on many usability and UI courses for the Department of Computer Science in the University of Tampere (now the School of Information Sciences). So Jakob Nielsen, Donald Norman and friends are practically my pals. Well, not really.

I also spent a year in 2006-2007 teaching maths and computer skills to young immigrants in the now defunct Viittakivi International Centre in Hauho.