Accessibility and Progressive Enhancement

Thinking with a progressive enhancement mindset, that is starting with the most basic HTML features and enhancing with more advanced stuff, is in my opinion the best way to go about building inclusive, accessible websites. Jeremy Keith wrote about some accessibility feedback he got and how his originally robust code made the solution an easy fix:

Drag’n’drop revisited

Getting into Night Sky Photography

Since a child, I’ve been a space nerd. Go and ask 14-year-old me about space and he could tell you a whole lot about black holes, quasars and quantum mechanics. Weirdly enough this interest in space did not extend to observing the actual night sky that much. Possibly this was because most of the time we’d lived near the center of town where light pollution ensured that the night sky didn’t look very interesting. Recently, though, this has changed, thanks to a growing interest in photography. Digital camera sensors can gather a whole lot more photons than the naked eye is able to perceive.

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The First WordCamp Nordic

A little bit over a week ago, 600 people from all over the Nordics and beyond gathered in Helsinki for the first-ever WordCamp Nordic. I enjoyed it very much, not least because it was the first time at a Finnish WordCamp that I wasn’t speaking at or organising the event. Huge thanks to my former colleague Marco Martins and the other organisers who put in a lot of work to make it happen.

I wrote about the event in Finnish on the company blog

Christmas Pudding, Revisited

Nine years ago I wrote a post on my first experience making my own Christmas Pudding at home, just like my mum used to make them. I haven’t been bothered to make my own for a few years now, especially since they are easier to find these days in Finland. Like I wrote in my 2009 post, they should be steamed for up to 6 hours, which is A Bother. This year my wife and I made them ourselves again, but it turned out we had made twice the amount of pudding mixture required to fill the two Pyrex bowls we had bought specially for them. My wife then had an excellent idea: let’s make pudding cupcakes!

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