New “Privacy on” alert in WordPress 3.0

Sometimes it’s the little details that make you smile. When a new WP site is in development, you obviously don’t want it to be visible to search engines. A simple setting in the installation process (and the admin) allows you to choose this, but it can be easy to forget once you’ve set it. About […]

Bad Google!

Can anyone suggest a good online feed reader and webmail which doesn’t begin with a G? Google Buzz created quite a stir from the start, with concerns over it’s privacy policy. The first time I logged in to see what all the buzz was about, I thought is was odd enough to see “followers” who […]

Owning my content

If Facebook goes bust, or perhaps more likely, ceases to interest me, how do I get all my content out? I’m mostly thinking about notes, photos and the like, but why not status updates too. Who’s to say real-time updates on my life don’t provide interesting reading in 10 years time? Or 20? Will they […]