I'm a web developer enjoying life in Tampere, Finland. I get enthusiastic about usability, accessibility and tea.

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Northern Lights in My Backyard

It’s very rare to see the Aurora Borealis down where we live, but apparently due to a geomagnetic storm yesterday, we got quite a show. The photo is a bit blurry but you get the idea!

Experimenting with the WP REST API

As a quick weekend project, I added some ajax-y goodness to my site with the help of the WP REST API plugin (set to be included soon in WordPress core) and History.pushState. There are some bugs, namely I still need to get the appropriate Jetpack gallery, related posts and share button features to load when accessed via javascript, if […]

Apple Watch

The Edition models make me wonder. Buy a $10,000 Rolex and it will still be a fine watch in 30 years time (if serviced regularly). A $10,000 Apple Watch won’t. 

The Scent of a Mattress

We bought a mattress from Ikea a week ago and it still smells so much of chemicals it’s impossible to even be in the same room without getting a headache, let alone sleep on it. I guess that’s why they have such a long return policy.

Cultural differences

Yesterday we bought a tray for our baby’s high chair. It came with a small instructions leaflet with the same text in multiple languages. They all seem to have more or less the same information content, but there were some differences. Here is the beginning of the text in each language. UK Congratulations on your […]

A European WordCamp

Last night I got home at 3:00 from the first ever multi-nation WordCamp, WordCamp Europe 2013 in Leiden, The Netherlands. The weekend was packed with many inspiring talks, but above all it was a unique chance to meet other developers and designers from around Europe and the world. Based on discussions I had during the […]

An Introduction for WordCamp Europe

Hello WordCamp Europe attendees! My name’s Daniel and I live in Tampere, Finland. After seeing similar posts by Rhys, Nuno and Jeremy, I thought I’d steal the idea and introduce myself to the WordCamp Europe croud in blog form. Hope you don’t mind. So here goes: I’m the main translator for the Finnish version of […]

Trip to Denmark

This Summer we made a trip to nearby Denmark. We spent a week in a cottage in Jylland by the North Sea, and a few days after that in beautiful sunny Copenhagen.

Accessibility Tips for Front End Developers

I gave a short talk on Saturday on accessibility at Treweb, consisting of a few easy tips you can do to improve the accessibility of your web site or app, as a developer. This blog post is a summary of my main points.